Pillow Talk video

from 1959 movie with Rock Hudson as Brad Allen 'Rex Stetson' and Doris Day as Jan Morrow. Quotes
Rex Stetson: I love that. Tell me about your job. It must be exciting, working with all them colors and fabrics and all.
Jan Morrow: Rex... Like some dip?
Rex Stetson: I'd love to. Thank you. Ain't this tasty? Wonder if I could get the recipe. Sure would like to surprise my ma, when I get back.
Jan Morrow: Rex, don't you find me attractive?
Rex Stetson: Why yes, of course.
Jan Morrow: Why haven't you ever...
Rex Stetson: Ever what?
Jan Morrow: I feel so foolish.
Rex Stetson: No. Go on, say what's on your mind.
Jan Morrow: Whenever we go out you've been a perfect gentleman.
Rex Stetson: I hope I have.
Jan Morrow: You have. And I appreciate it. But...
Rex Stetson: Yes?
Jan Morrow: Well... being such a perfect gentleman and all, it's not very flattering.
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Rock Hudson as Brad Allen 'Rex Stetson'
Rock Hudson as Brad Allen 'Rex Stetson'
  Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk picture from 1959 movie
  Doris Day as Jan Morrow
Doris Day as Jan Morrow
  Rex Stetson: I wouldn't want to do anything that might spoil our friendship.
Jan Morrow: Is that all it is? Friendship?
Rex Stetson: That's a direct question. It deserves a direct answer.

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