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with Sally Field as Mrs. Spalding and John Malkovich as Mr. Will from 1984 movie Quotes MRS. SPALDING: Anything special you like to eatAnything special you like to eat? I'm not a very good cook, but I'm willing to try. MR. WILL: I don't want me to be here any more than you do. I won't be any trouble. And all I'll ask in return is to be left alone in peace and quiet. MRS. SPALDING: I thought... MR. WILL: I know what you thought but I don't need your helpI know what you thought but I don't need your help, and I don't need you to feel sorry for me.
MR. WILL: Mrs. Spalding? MRS. SPALDING: Yes, Mr. Will. I'm right here. MR. WILL: Mrs. Spalding, believe me if I had anyplace else to go tonight besides the State Home for the Infirm, I'd gladly leave right now. When I came here, all I asked was to be left alone. I am not some kind of freak that is here on display for the amusement of those hooligans you call children. I will not... MRS. SPALDING: What? MR. WILL: ...have them vandalizing my personal property. MRS. SPALDING: Don't come in my house and talk about my children like thatDon't come in my house and talk about my children like that! They are not hooligans or vandals! They're well brought up children! You can't walk into my house... MR. WILL: Fine! Fine. MR. WILL: Whatever they are, you just keep them out of my room. MRS. SPALDING: That's all right, I'll get it. The door's on your right. MR. WILL: Thank you. Good night, Mrs. Spalding. MRS. SPALDING: Good night, Mr. Will.
MR. WILL: Mrs. Spalding? Could I trouble you for a cup of tea? MRS. SPALDING: Of course. I'll put the water on for you. MR. WILL: Do you mind if I wait in here? MRS. SPALDING: Not at all. Trying to fix Frank's shoe. It's got a big hole in it. MR. WILL: Mrs. Spalding, can I ask you a question? MRS. SPALDING: Yes. MR. WILL: What do you look likeWhat do you look like? MRS. SPALDING: I have long hair and I tie it up in the back. And I have brown eyes. I always wanted to have blue eyes, like my mama, but Margaret got those. And my teeth stick out in front a little because I sucked my thumb a long time when I was a little girl. I'm no real beauty. I'm all right.
MR. WILL: Thank you.
MRS. SPALDING: Your tea's ready.

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