The Postman Always Rings Twice video

from 1946 movie with Lana Turner as Cora Smith and John Garfield as Frank Chambers. Quotes
Cora Smith: My husband tells me your name is Frank.
Frank Chambers: That's right.
Cora Smith: Well, Frank, around here, you'll kindly do your reading on your own time.
Frank Chambers: Your husband, Nick, told me I was through for the day and I thought he was boss.
Cora Smith: The best way to get my husband to fire you would be not doing what I tell you to do.
Frank Chambers: Well, you haven't asked me to do anything. Yet.
Cora Smith: I want all these chairs painted.
Frank Chambers: All right. I'll look in the paper. Maybe I can find a sale on cheap paint.
Cora Smith: You won't find anything cheap around here. Look in the cupboard under the counter.
Frank Chambers: As my friend Nick would say, that's wonderful. Next time anybody is in town they can pick up a paintbrush.
Cora Smith: Look on the bottom shelf.
Frank Chambers: Well, what do you know about that? Why didn't you start this campaign of rehabilitation before I came? Or were you waiting for me?
Cora Smith: Nick was saving that.
Frank Chambers: Nick saves a lot.
Cora Smith: It's none of your business.
Frank Chambers: I didn't say it was. Only when I have something, I don't save it. What do you want to paint these chairs for?
Cora Smith: Because I want to make something of this place. I want to make it into an honest-to-goodness...
Frank Chambers: Well, aren't we ambitious? We want to make a lot of money so we can buy lots of pretty clothes. Or maybe we want to put a little aside for our husband and us in our old age.
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Lana Turner as Cora Smith
Lana Turner as Cora Smith
  The Postman Always Rings Twice
The Postman Always Rings Twice picture from 1946 movie
  John Garfield as Frank Chambers
John Garfield as Frank Chambers
  Cora Smith: That's what you think.
Frank Chambers: Tell me one thing. How did you ever come to marry a guy like that?
Cora Smith: Is that any of your business?
Frank Chambers: Maybe.

Cora Smith: Please don't.

Frank Chambers: Well, he rang twice for Cora and now he's ringing twice for me, isn't he?