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from 1985 movie directed by John Huston with Jack Nicholson as Charley Partanna and Kathleen Turner as Irene Walker. Quotes
This drop of blood symbolizes your birth into our family. We're one, until death. We'll protect you so much you protect Prizzi's honour.
Charley Partanna: My father always says it's better to stand out because of how serious you are instead of clothes, cars or diamond rings... For men that is. What am I doing all the talking here for? How come I met you at a Prizzi's wedding and you ain't no wop?
Irene Walker: The Bishop who married them wasn't italian.
Charley Partanna: No he's a Polak.
Irene Walker: So am I.
Charley Partanna: Walker is a Polak name?
Irene Walker: No, it was Walkervisks. I shortened it. My maiden name was Irene Walkervisks.
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Charley Partanna: Either way... you're sure one beautiful woman to me.
Irene Walker: I guess I thought that Walker sounded more like a tax consultant should.
Charley Partanna: You're a tax consultant? What do you do when you consult?
Irene Walker: I save people money. Show them the angles. There are a lot of angles. This L.A. corporation had a guy kidnapped in the Middle East so I told them they ran some money that was tax deductible staff loss. Things like that.
Charley Partanna: Terrific.
Irene Walker: Charley... Shall we go?
Charley Partanna: Oh, yeah, sure.
Irene Walker: We'll take my car.
Charley Partanna: What kind of a car is this?
Irene Walker: An Excaliber. Japanese make them in England for the Arabian market. Great California car.
Charley Partanna: It's a great anyplace car. Jesus it must cost though?
Irene Walker: Well it wasn't free but think what'll cost in two years. Like to eat outside?
Charley Partanna: Irene I gotta say it. I can't sleep. I'm a grown man middle aged maybe but no nobody in my life has ever affected me anything like the way that you make me feel. I love you. That's it. That's everything. I love you.
Irene Walker: I think I'm in love with you too Charley.
Charley Partanna: No it ain't in love. In love is temporary. Then you move on to the next in love. Everybody is always falling in and out of love. I notice. I remember everything. I read about it in magazines. When you're just in love it's just... Wait a minute. A hormonal secretion which changes the senses smells. So as to affect someone in a certain way. That's what in love is. Who needs it.
Irene Walker: Love. I mean, I love you I think that's sounds like I'm hedging, but I don't know how to say it because I've never said it before. All my life I've had to protect myself and you can't protect yourself from anything when you love somebody. I love you Charley.
Charley Partanna: What's that they're playing?
Irene Walker: That's "Noche de Ronda."
Charley Partanna: I'm never gonna forget it. I'm never gonna forget this dress. I'm never gonna forget anything about today. Wherever we go, whatever it is, whenever they play, this song this is gonna be our song.
Charley Partanna: Irene! Everything being equal would you marry me?
Irene Walker: Everything being equal I'd marry you tonight.

Charley Partanna: The Prizzi's are gonna have to believe me cause I believe you. So could we get married. What you say we have one of those pineapple drinks? The honeymoon has already started.
Irene Walker: Kiss me Charley.
    Jack Nicholson as Charley Partanna
Jack Nicholson as Charley Partanna

Prizzi's Honor
Prizzi's Honor picture from 1985 movie

Kathleen Turner as Irene Walker
Kathleen Turner as Irene Walker