The Rainmaker video

from 1956 movie with Burt Lancaster as Bill Starbuck and Katharine Hepburn as Lizzie Curry Quotes BILL STARBUCK: Let me ask you, are you pretty? LIZZIE CURRY: No! I'm plain. BILL STARBUCK: There's no such thing as a plain woman.
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Every real woman is pretty. They're pretty in a different way but Burt Lancaster as Bill Starbuck: they're all prettyBurt Lancaster as Bill Starbuck: they're all pretty. Katharine Hepburn as Lizzie Curry: Not me when I look in my looking glassKatharine Hepburn as Lizzie Curry: Not me when I look in my looking glass. BILL STARBUCK: Don't let Noah be your looking glass. LIZZIE CURRY: He's not. My looking glass is right on the wall. BILL STARBUCK: It's in the wrong place. It's got to be inside you. Don't be afraid. Look. Then one day, the looking glass will be the man who loves you. It'll be his eyes, maybe. And you'll look in that mirror, and you'll be more than pretty. You'll be beautiful. LIZZIE CURRY: It'll never happen. It'll never be. BILL STARBUCK: Make it happen. Lizzie, why don't you think pretty? And take down your hair. Nobody sees you. Nobody but me, Lizzie. Now, close your eyes. Close them. Now say: "I'm pretty." LIZZIE CURRY: I can't. BILL STARBUCK: Say it, Lizzie. Say it. LIZZIE CURRY: I'm pretty. BILL STARBUCK: Say it again. Say it, mean it. LIZZIE CURRY: Why did you do that? BILL STARBUCK: Because when you said you were pretty it was true. Lizzie, look at me. Stop crying and look at me. Look at my eyes. What do you see? LIZZIE CURRY: I can't believe what I see. Is it me? Is it really me?
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