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with Marilyn Monroe as Kay and Robert Mitchum as Matt Calder from 1953 movie Quotes with pictures KAY: I'm not your kind. MATT CALDER: What are you? Weston's kind? You love that rat so much, you'd risk all our livesYou love that rat so much, you'd risk all our lives just to keep me from getting him? KAY: You couldn't understand. MATT CALDER: I just don't see it. Treating you the way he did. KAY: I'll tell you. I'll tell you how he didn't treat me. He didn't treat me like a tramp. He treated me like a womanHe treated me like a woman. KAY: See how I've changed? MATT CALDER: How would I know? KAY: You oughta take a dip in the falls yourself. Might wash some of the starch out of you, or rust. Or whatever it is. MATT CALDER: Or whatever it is. KAY: You're not such a mean person, in spite of yourself. Some other time and some other place, we might have even have gotten along. MATT CALDER: Now what's all this? What kind of an act is thisWhat kind of an act is this? KAY: I'm a performer, didn't you know? Songs and dances.I'm a performer, didn't you know? Songs and dances. MATT CALDER: I think I know you pretty well. KAY: I think I know you, too. MATT CALDER: What am I like? KAY: Really not so bad. Not so tough and grim as you seem. I think you do a little acting yourself. You could be nice if you half-tried. You don't have to hate me just because you hate him. I don't hate you. MATT CALDER: You'd do anything to save him, wouldn't you? You'd even be friends. KAY: I could be that without him. MATT CALDER: Why? KAY: Why not? Also, if you like, listen River of No Return song You can watch other videos like the ones below, or choose from ones indexed by actors and actresses first name, the title and the release year of the movies:
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