Secrets video quotes - I must see you

from 1933 movie with Mary Pickford as Mary Marlowe and Leslie Howard as John Carlton
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Quotes MARY MARLOWE: John, what are you doing here? JOHN CARLTON: You expect I will spend the rest of my lifeI will spend the rest of my life watching british lord make laugh to you? MARY MARLOWE: I couldn't help it. JOHN CARLTON: Listen. Will marry Lord Hurley? Mary Pickford as MARY MARLOWE: Of course notMary Pickford as MARY MARLOWE: Of course not. JOHN CARLTON: Are you sure of that? MARY MARLOWE: Yes darling. JOHN CARLTON: That's alright, isn't it? Think I better come in. I must see you.Think I better come in. I must see you. MARY MARLOWE: John, dad can find us here. JOHN CARLTON: I had to see you. Your father fired me. MARY MARLOWE: Yes, I know. JOHN CARLTON: But I leaving tomorrow for California. MARY MARLOWE: Tomorrow? California? JOHN CARLTON: I cann't stay here. I need to make a fortune for both of usI need to make a fortune for both of us. I'll get it, then come back to you. MARY MARLOWE: But John ... JOHN CARLTON: Does not want me to get? MARY MARLOWE: Knows that I'll waiting years and years... JOHN CARLTON: It will not be years, I promise you that. God bless you, Mary. Goodbye. MARY MARLOWE: I cann't let you go! I cann't! JOHN CARLTON: You must. I can never work here. Don't you see? I must go it. Mary, you see that, don't you?
MARY MARLOWE: Yes, darling. JOHN CARLTON: Goodbye, darling! MARY MARLOWE: Goodbye, dear!
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