Sense And Sensibility video - tell you about my education

with Emma Thompson as Elinor Dashwood and Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars, from 1995 movie directed by Ang Lee and based on Jane Austen's 1811 novel of the same name.
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Quotes with pictures ELINOR DASHWOOD: That was my father's favouriteThat was my father's favourite. Thank you for helping Margaret. She's changed since you came. EDWARD FERRARS: Not at all. I enjoy her company. ELINOR DASHWOOD: Has she shown you the tree house? EDWARD FERRARS: Not yet. Would you do me the honour, Miss Dashwood? It is very fine out. ELINOR DASHWOOD: With pleasure. EDWARD FERRARS: All I have ever wanted is the quiet of a private life. But my mother is determined to see me distinguished. ELINOR DASHWOOD: And... EDWARD FERRARS: Anything. A great orator. Politician. Even a barrister would do. if I drove a barouche. ELINOR DASHWOOD: What do you wish for? EDWARD FERRARS: I prefer the church, but that is not smart enough for my mother. She prefers the army, but that is too smart for me. ELINOR DASHWOOD: Would you stay in London? EDWARD FERRARS: I hate London. No peace. Hugh Grant as EDWARD FERRARS quote: Country living is my idealHugh Grant as EDWARD FERRARS quote: Country living is my ideal. A small parish where I might do some good. Keep chickens. Give very short sermons. Emma Thompson as ELINOR DASHWOOD quote: You talk about idle and uselessEmma Thompson as ELINOR DASHWOOD quote: You talk about idle and useless Imagine how that is compounded when one has no hope, no choice of any occupation whatsoever. EDWARD FERRARS: Our circumstances are therefore precisely the same. ELINOR DASHWOOD: Except that you will inherit your fortune. We cannot even earnyours. EDWARD FERRARS: Perhaps Margaret is right. Piracy is your only option. What is swabbing exactly?
EDWARD FERRARS: There is something of great importance that I need to tell you about my educationI need to tell you about my education. ELINOR DASHWOOD: Your education? EDWARD FERRARS: Yes. It was conducted oddly enough, in Plymouth. ELINOR DASHWOOD: Indeed? EDWARD FERRARS: Yes. Do you know it? ELINOR DASHWOOD: Plymouth? EDWARD FERRARS: Yes. ELINOR DASHWOOD: No. EDWARD FERRARS: Well, I was four years there in a school run by Mr. Pratt.
ELINOR DASHWOOD: Then you... are not married? EDWARD FERRARS: I met Lucy when I was very young. Had I had an active profession, I should never have felt such an idle and foolish inclination. My behavior at Norland was very wrong but I convinced myself that you felt only friendship for me and that it was my heart alone that I was risking. I've come here with no expectations. Only to profess now that I am liberty to do so that my heart is and always will be yours.
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