The Shop Around The Corner video

from 1940 movie with James Stewart as Alfred Kralik and Margaret Sullavan as Klara Novak. Quotes
Alfred Kralik: I'm sorry you feel this way about it. I'd hate to think I'm spoiling your Christmas.
Klara Novak: I'd built up such an illusion about him. I thought he was so perfect.
Alfred Kralik: I had to come along and destroy it.
Klara Novak: That's all right. I guess I really ought to thank you.
Alfred Kralik: Klara, if I'd only known in the beginning how you felt about me things would have been different. We wouldn't have been fighting all the time. If we quarreled, it wouldn't have been over suitcases and handbags but over something like whether your aunt or grandmother should live with us or not.
Klara Novak: It's sweet of you to try to cheer me up. I think we'd better say good night. You have an engagement and so have I, and we shouldn't be late.
Alfred Kralik: Do you know what I wish would happen? When your bell rings at 8:30, and you open the door instead of Popkin, I come in.
Klara Novak: Please, don't make it more difficult for me.
Alfred Kralik: I'd say, "Klara, darling"...
Klara Novak: No, you mustn't.
Alfred Kralik: My dearest, sweetheart Klara, I can't stand it any longer. Take your key and open post office box 237 and take me out of my envelope and kiss me.
Klara Novak: Mr. Kralik, you must...
Alfred Kralik: Dear friend.
Klara Novak: You? Dear friend?
Alfred Kralik: Are you disappointed?
Klara Novak: Psychologically, I'm very confused but personally, I don't feel bad at all.
Alfred Kralik: Klara.
Klara Novak: When you came to the cafe that night, I was pretty rude, wasn't I?
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James Stewart as Alfred Kralik
James Stewart as Alfred Kralik
  The Shop Around The Corner
The Shop Around The Corner picture from 1940 movie
  Margaret Sullavan as Klara Novak
Margaret Sullavan as Klara Novak
  Alfred Kralik: Oh, no. No.
Klara Novak: Yes, I was. Don't you remember? Why, I called you bowlegged.
Alfred Kralik: I was going to prove to you that I wasn't. I was going to go out to the street and pull up my trousers.
Klara Novak: Would you mind very much if I asked you to pull them up now?