Sweet November video

from 2001 movie with Keanu Reeves as Nelson Moss and Charlize Theron as Sara Deever; the film soundtrack contains the song Only Time performed by Enya Quotes
NELSON MOSS: For you, my sweet Sara, I bring you 12 gifts of Christmas. One: The famous Colombo log. The salami that started it all. Two: A kaleidoscope of a coiffeur, for the barking-mad pet crusader. Number three: A bullwhip for the dizzy dominatrix. So you can rule your world in style and whip me into shape. Four: I present Sara, a custom-made fragrance capturing that special something a woman leaves on a man. SARA DEEVER: Nelson, this is... NELSON MOSS: Only the beginning. Five: Why is Harriet so Hairy? The definitive guide to understanding our transvestite friends. Six: Tiny bubbles, for those leisurely soaks we love so much. Number seven: A hundred muni train tokens for the many, many great rides of your life. Number eight: A collection of music to swoon by. Which, by the way, happens to go very nicely with gift number nine: Dance classes. Mildred's Academy of Dance, guaranteed to get you off my toes in a week. SARA DEEVER: You sure? NELSON MOSS: I'm positive. Number 10: For the gentle lady who hates doing dishes. SARA DEEVER: A dishwasher! Nelson, this is too much. NELSON MOSS: It's not enough. Number 11: Live, and in your apartment, back by popular demand I give you Ernie! SARA DEEVER: Hi, baby! I missed you. NELSON MOSS: And if this last gift doesn't prove how much I love you, nothing will. Every month is November, Sara. And I love you every day. SARA DEEVER: Nelson, there's... NELSON MOSS: This is our month, and it never has to end. I surrender all attempts to control life yours or mine. I live for one thing: To love you. To make you happy. To live firmly and joyously in the moment. November is all I know. And all I ever want to know.
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NELSON MOSS: Out of sheer perverse curiosity how does a lunatic like you help a guy like me? SARA DEEVER: You live in a box. I could lift the lid let some light in. NELSON MOSS: Wow, that's deep. I feel almost cured just hearing it. SARA DEEVER: Well if you want my help it'll require a commitment on your part. You have to live with me here for a month. No more, no less and no work allowed. NELSON MOSS: You don't even know me and you're inviting me to move in? And how's my girlfriend supposed to feel about that? SARA DEEVER: Girlfriend? You don't have a girlfriend. I mean, it's something you feel. There's something intimate a woman leaves on a man that you don't have. NELSON MOSS: Great. I'll relay that to her when I leave. Which is right about now. SARA DEEVER: We can start midnight first of November. If you're brave enough to commit, I'll devote myself entirely to you. NELSON MOSS: Brave enough, but not stupid enough. Now listen up, moonbeam. Here's how it works. No more harassment. No more rides.   Sweet November videoSweet November video
my favorite sweatshirt I see my favorite sweatshirt I see   NELSON MOSS: Sara, I'm not amused. I want my clothes back. Now. SARA DEEVER: I told you, I gave them away. I promise, I'll never lie to you. So would you like vegan sausage, vegan bacon.... That's all we got now. I make it with a lot of vegan butter so it gets nice and black and crispy. But if you don't like it that way, I won't make it that way, okay? Hey, hey. Chaz Watley: Three hours sleep last night. Tried valerian root, melatonin, the Shopping Channel. You know what did the trick? SARA DEEVER: What? Chaz Watley: Jimmy Cagney. How twisted is that? You're looking very sexy today. I do believe that is my favorite sweatshirt I see. You must be November. NELSON MOSS: I must be November? SARA DEEVER: That's Nelson. Chaz Watley: Hey, Nelson. How are you? I'm Chaz. NELSON MOSS: Hey. Chaz Watley: You know what? Keep the sweatshirt. It looks better on you. NELSON MOSS: Is this some kind of a communal-culty-squeaky-Charlie type of deal? Chaz Watley: That's very good. He's really funny.
SARA DEEVER: So what's your big announcement?
NELSON MOSS: Marry me.
NELSON MOSS: Will you marry me? Sara, I stood on the street and I realized this is it. Life will never be better or sweeter than this. I'm happy. I'm in love. Marry me.
SARA DEEVER: That's incredibly sweet. But you don't understand.
NELSON MOSS: Yes, I do. It all makes sense. I want you. I want this life. Marry me. Marry me, Sara.
  That's incredibly sweetThat's incredibly sweet
life isn't perfect life isn't perfect   NELSON MOSS: Sara, stop running. Sara! Sara, please. I'm not leaving you. I know you love me. SARA DEEVER: I do. I've never felt this. I never thought I'd have the chance, and you gave that to me, Nelson. NELSON MOSS: Then why are you doing this? SARA DEEVER: Because it's starting to happen. NELSON MOSS: I don't care. SARA DEEVER: Nelson, if you leave now, everything we had will be perfect forever. NELSON MOSS: Sara, life isn't perfect. SARA DEEVER: All we have is how you'll remember me. And I need that memory to be strong and beautiful. Don't you see? If I know that I'm remembered that way, then I can face anything. Anything. Nelson, you're my immortality. NELSON MOSS: I want to take care of you. SARA DEEVER: I'm gonna be all right. I'm going home. They know I'm coming. I need to do this. NELSON MOSS: It doesn't seem... SARA DEEVER: Just like I need to know that you'll go on and have a beautiful life. The one you deserve. NELSON MOSS: I only want you. SARA DEEVER: You have me forever. Now let me go. NELSON MOSS: All right, Sara. All right. SARA DEEVER: Close your eyes. I love you, Nelson Moss. NELSON MOSS: I love you, Sara Deever. SARA DEEVER: Remember me.
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