Swing Time video

from 1936 movie with Fred Astaire as John 'Lucky' Garnett and Ginger Rogers as Penelope 'Penny' Carroll. Quotes
John Garnett: Well, we seem to be here, don't we?
Penelope Carroll: Let's sit down.
John Garnett: Won't you be too cold?
Penelope Carroll: No.
Penelope Carroll: I like being off alone like this.
John Garnett: You're not alone, you're with me.
Penelope Carroll: Then I like being off alone with you.
Penelope Carroll: I am a little cold.
John Garnett: Flap your arms. That'll restore circulation. Look. Makes me feel warmer already.
Penelope Carroll: I doubt it.
John Garnett: Come on, try it. It's good for you, you see?
Penelope Carroll: You know, if some people saw us like this, they might think that we were that we liked each other.
John Garnett: Yes, they might.
Penelope Carroll: It's funny how we met, and all that's happened to us since.
John Garnett: The way we've been sort of thrown together and everything.
Penelope Carroll: As if it were all meant to happen.
John Garnett: It's quite an experience.
Penelope Carroll: It's more than an experience. It's sort of like... a romance, isn't it?
John Garnett: Yes, as we say in French, la belle romance.
Penelope Carroll: A swell romance.
John Garnett: You know, you ought to be wearing galoshes.
Penelope Carroll: I think we'd better go home.

John Garnett: Ladies and gentlemen, my favorite maestro, Ricardo Romero has very kindly requested that Ms. Carrol and I dance to his newest composition the lovely Waltz in Swing Time.
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Fred Astaire as John 'Lucky' Garnett
Fred Astaire as John 'Lucky' Garnett
  Swing Time
Swing Time picture from 1936 movie
  Ginger Rogers as Penelope 'Penny' Carroll
Ginger Rogers as Penelope 'Penny' Carroll
  John Garnett: You're not really angry?
Penelope Carroll: No, disappointed.
John Garnett: Don't be that way. You're too nice.
Penelope Carroll: You're nice, too, sometimes.
John Garnett: Only sometimes?
Penelope Carroll: There are times when I can't make you out. When you're so aloof.
John Garnett: So I'm aloof, am I?