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from The Thorn Birds (1983) movie with Richard Chamberlain as Ralph de Bricassart and Rachel Ward as Meggie. Quotes
Ralph: And who are you?
Meggie: I'm Meggie.
Ralph: Why do you tug so at my heart? Why do you fill that space God can't fill?
Meggie: No, I don't see.
Ralph: I think you do. Come here. Come on. Now, Meggie. We've been over this before. What you mustn't do is get in the habit of dreaming about me in some sort of romantic fashion. When you're a woman, you'll meet the man destined to be your husband. Then you'll be far too busy getting on with your life to think about me except as an old friend who helped you through some of the bad times of growing up. All right, my Meggie?
Meggie: Yes, Father. I understand.
Ralph: And what are you thinking, my dearest Meggie?
Meggie: Just that I wish the sun would never come up. We could stay like this forever.
Meggie: I'm not a child anymore. And I'm not your Meggie! I never was! All those years that I loved you and I waited for you, and I wanted you! You never wanted me.
Ralph: They told me where to find you. Forgive me.
Meggie: No. Damn you. No more.
Meggie: I was afraid to sleep. Afraid you'd be gone when I woke. What are you thinking?
Ralph: That in all my life I've never awakened in the same bed with another human being. That I'll never awaken again without wanting you there beside me. That I've fought a terrible battle and I've lost it. All those years of denying that I was a man and all to find with you that I want nothing more than to be a man. That I'll never be more than that.
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Richard Chamberlain as Ralph de Bricassart
Richard Chamberlain as Ralph de Bricassart
  Rachel Ward as Meggie
Rachel Ward as Meggie
  The Thorn Birds
The Thorn Birds picture from 1983 movie
  Meggie: The day that I first met you at the Gilly station you smiled at me. Then you said my name. Then you touched me. And since that day, I have somehow known though I never saw you again my last thought, this side of the grave, would be of you. And there's nothing I can do to change it.