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from 1955 movie with Cary Grant as John Robie and Grace Kelly as Frances Stevens Quotes JOHN ROBIE: Who brought you up here? FRANCES STEVENS: The police. And we would have caught you, too, if my dress hadn't gotten caught all over the steering wheel and gearshift. JOHN ROBIE: It was Cary Grant as JOHN ROBIE: only 20 minutes ago I said goodbyeCary Grant as JOHN ROBIE: only 20 minutes ago I said goodbye. Grace Kelly as FRANCES STEVENS: As quickly as you couldGrace Kelly as FRANCES STEVENS: As quickly as you could. JOHN ROBIE: Didn't I thank you? FRANCES STEVENS: Politely. JOHN ROBIE: Well, then... FRANCES STEVENS: Oh, John, you left in such a hurry, you almost ran. JOHN ROBIE: I had work to do up here. FRANCES STEVENS: Were you afraid to admit that you just can't do everything by yourself, and that you needed the help of a good woman, and you just aren't the lone wolf you think you are? JOHN ROBIE: All right. Without you, I couldn't have done it. I needed the help of a woman. I guess I'm not the lone wolf I thought I was, Francie. FRANCES STEVENS: Well, I just wanted to hear you say that. Thank you. Goodbye. JOHN ROBIE: Goodbye. FRANCES STEVENS: Are you sure you were talking about water skis? From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs. FRANCES STEVENS: I've never caught a jewel thief before. It's stimulating. It's like... JOHN ROBIE: Like sitting in a hot tub?
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