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Video quote from Waterloo Bridge with Vivien Leigh as Myra Lester and Robert Taylor as Roy Cronin and his quote snapshot picture from 1940 movie
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MYRA LESTER: Hello. ROY CRONIN: Oh, hello. I'm delighted. I was afraid Kitty had directed you to the wrong place. MYRA LESTER: Oh, no, but your note was read out before the whole class. ROY CRONIN: Were you embarrassed? MYRA LESTER: Yes, and so would you have been. ROY CRONIN: Ha, ha, I dare say. I'm afraid I've made it difficult for you. MYRA LESTER: Well, you gave up the colonel, so I expect I made it difficult for you too. ROY CRONIN: Yes, you did, but I have my reward. It was wonderful of you to comeIt was wonderful of you to come. Shall we go in? MYRA LESTER: All right. ROY CRONIN: How nice you look. MYRA LESTER: Thank you. ROY CRONIN: What do dancers eat? MYRA LESTER: Oh, dull things mostly. Nutritious yet not fattening. ROY CRONIN: Oh, no, not tonight. What could you suggest that would be particularly rich and indigestible? The grouse is very nice, sir. And wine. It isn't against the rules for a dancer to drink a little light wine, is it? MYRA LESTER: Well, tonight... ROY CRONIN: Good. Number 40, please. Ah, the ballet was beautiful. MYRA LESTER: Madame didn't think so. ROY CRONIN: Well, experts never know. It takes outsiders to know. And I tell you it was beautiful. MYRA LESTER: That certainly proves you're an outsider. ROY CRONIN: Are you glad to see me again? MYRA LESTER: Yes. ROY CRONIN: I sense a reservation. MYRA LESTER: Well, I suppose there is one. ROY CRONIN: What? Why? MYRA LESTER: What's the good of it? ROY CRONIN: You're a strange girl, aren't you? What's the good of anything? What's the good of living? MYRA LESTER: That's a question too. ROY CRONIN: Now wait a minute. I'm not going to let you get away with that. The wonderful thing about living is that this sort of thing can happen. In the shadow of a death raid, I can meet you and feel more intensely alive than walking around in peacetime, taking my life for granted. MYRA LESTER: It's a high price to pay for it. ROY CRONIN: I don't think so. MYRA LESTER: I do. Do people have to kill each other to give them a heightened sense of life? ROY CRONIN: That's got nothing to do with people killing each other. Either you're excited about life or you're not. You know, I've never been able to wait for the future. When I was very young, a child in fact, I climbed to the top of a high tree stood like a diver, and announced to my horrified governess: "Now I shall take a leap into the future," and jumped. I was in the hospital for two months. MYRA LESTER: Let the future catch up with you more slowly. ROY CRONIN: Oh, no, no, never. Temperament. I can't help it. If we'd met in ordinary times in an ordinary way, we'd just about be telling each other what schools we went to. We're much further along, don't you thinkWe're much further along, don't you think? MYRA LESTER: Are we? ROY CRONIN: You know we are. Oh, I'm too excited to eat. Let's dance. MYRA LESTER: All right. ROY CRONIN: To you. MYRA LESTER: Thank you. ROY CRONIN: To us. Still don't get it. Not quite. MYRA LESTER: What? ROY CRONIN: Your face. It's all youth, all beauty. MYRA LESTER: What is it you still don't get? ROY CRONIN: You know, when I left you this afternoon, I couldn't remember what you looked likeI couldn't remember what you looked like. I thought, "Was she pretty? Was she ugly? What was she like?" I couldn't remember. I had to get to that theater tonight to see what you looked like. MYRA LESTER: And do you think you'll remember me now? ROY CRONIN: I think so. I think so. For the rest of my life.
MYRA LESTER: But what is it about me you still don't get?
PRESENTER: Ladies and gentlemen, we now come to the last dance of the evening. I hope you'll enjoy the farewell waltz.
ROY CRONIN: I'll tell you later. Let's dance now.
MYRA LESTER: What's it mean, these candles?
ROY CRONIN: You'll find out.
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