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from 2000 movie with Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall and Helen Hunt as Darcy Maguire. Quotes
A man's man is the kind of man who just doesn't get what women are about.
Dr. Perkins: You know, Freud died at age 83 still asking one question. What do women want? Wouldn't it be strange and wonderful if you were the one man on earth finally able to answer that question? Something extraordinary and miraculous has happened to you. My advice is you must learn from this. There isn't a single woman that I treat that doesn't wish her man understood her better. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, you speak Venusian. The world can be yours. I don't know how this happened to you or why, but you may just be the luckiest man on earth. Imagine the possibilities. If you know what women want you can rule.
Dan Wanamaker: Women between the ages of 16 and 24 are the fastest-growing consumer group in the country.
Darcy Maguire: Every product in this box is looking for new representation right now. And they're all made for women. I'm pretty sure all the women here are familiar with these products, so for the men, let's briefly run through them.
Nick Marshall: I don't know why women complain about waxing their legs. Women are insane. Who would do that more than once? I don't know. Why would anybody ever do the other leg?
Darcy Maguire: If you want to sell an anti-wrinkle cream or a Ford Mustang to a woman, forgive me, but this is the last place you bring your business, and we can't afford to not have a piece of a $40 billion pie.
Nick Marshall: Can't remember a man's name and so you are not listening to them. What do women want?
Sue Cranston (inner thoughts): You know what? We should sell it to women like me. I take it every time I need to fake a headache. Works like a charm.
Nick Marshall: So what do they want exactly?
Darcy Maguire: They want to empower women.
Nick Marshall: What?
Darcy Maguire: They want to get inside women's heads and reach them on a very real level.
Nick Marshall: Hello?
Darcy Maguire (inner thoughts): What am I doing?
Nick Marshall: Darcy?
Darcy Maguire: How did you know it was me? I didn't say anything.
Nick Marshall: I just sensed it.
Darcy Maguire (inner thoughts): Shit! Idiot! I didn't think he'd be there.
Nick Marshall: Excuse me?
Darcy Maguire: I didn't mean to really call you. I had your number here and I was thinking of you. Thinking of calling you. Obviously I did call you.
Nick Marshall: Oh, no, that's all right. I was thinking about you too.
Darcy Maguire: Here's to another great idea.
Nick Marshall: You mean, let's meet for a drink?
Darcy Maguire: Yes. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Sometimes I think you're a bit of a mind reader.
Nick Marshall: But I don't have to be a mind reader with you. You always say what you think.
Darcy Maguire: I know. It's a curse.
Nick Marshall: Are you kidding? It's a relief. An enormous relief. Do you know how rare that is? To say what you think.
Darcy Maguire: Do you know how rare it is for someone to like that about me? Trust me, this has not been a great thing in my life. My ex-husband didn't love me, let's put it that way.
Nick Marshall: He didn't love you?
Darcy Maguire (inner thoughts): Did I just say that? Oh, God! I meant to say "it". He didn't love it. That I spoke my mind. If you want the truth, I'm not sure he ever did really love me.
Nick Marshall: Oh.
Darcy Maguire: There's a conversation starter! God, a smart person would just get so very drunk now.
Nick Marshall: How long were you married?
Darcy Maguire: A little less than a year. I've been divorced about nine months. We worked together. You know that?
Nick Marshall: Yeah. I heard that. What was that like?
Darcy Maguire: It was great in the beginning. Then it changed, became competitive. Suddenly, the better I did, the worse we did. The price I pay for being me. I know that now. Truly. No, no. It's true. Do you want to know all this?
Nick Marshall: Keep going.
Darcy Maguire: That's why I needed to get out there on my own - scary as it was. I mean, not scary, but... Well, yeah, I was kind of scared.
Nick Marshall: Why?
Darcy Maguire: I don't know. Guess I wasn't sure I could do the job. I mean, I thought I could do it, but I'm finding Sloane Curtis a tougher place to navigate than I thought. I'm sorry. This is insensitive of me. I know you were up for my job. I'm sorry I'm the one that got it.
Nick Marshall: I'm not. I'm not. I've learned a lot from you.
Darcy Maguire: Like what?
Nick Marshall: Well, for starters, you really love what you do.
Darcy Maguire: You really love what you do.
Nick Marshall: Not as much as you.
Darcy Maguire: Don't say that. You're so great at it. So great at it. I think Dan's even wondering why he hired me. Really. I think the bloom is definitely off the rose. Want to hear something great?
Nick Marshall: Yeah.
Darcy Maguire: I just closed escrow on my first apartment ever. Finally, I own my own place. What? Now I wish I was a mind reader.
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Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall
Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall
  What Women Want
What Women Want picture from 2000 movie
  Helen Hunt as Darcy Maguire
Helen Hunt as Darcy Maguire
  Nick Marshall: I was just thinking... how men like me can get so screwed up.
Darcy Maguire: I don't think there are men like you.
Darcy Maguire (inner thoughts): If we kissed, would it ruin everything?
Nick Marshall: Listen to me. I think... you're one of the great women. I really do...
Darcy Maguire: I'm sorry. I just meant to say thank you.