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music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, performed by Rita Moreno, Suzie Kaye, George Chakiris, Yvonne Wilder and The Sharks


Puerto Rico, my heart's devotion / Let it slip back in the ocean / Always the hurricanes blowing / Always the population growing / And the money owing / And the sunlight streaming / And the natives steaming / I like the isle of Manhattan / Smoke on your pipe and put that in / I like to be in America / Ok by me in America / Everything free in America / For a small fee in America / Buying on credit is so nice / One look at us and they charge twice / I have a new washing machine / What will you have though to keep clean? / Skyscrapers bloom in America / Cadillacs zoom in America / Industrial boom in America / Twelve in a room in America / Lots of new housing with more space / Lots of doors slamming in our face / I'll get a terraced apartment / Better get rid of your accent / Life can be bright in America / If you can fight in America / Life is all right in America / If you're all white in America / Here you are free and you have pride / Long as you stay on your own side / Free to be anything you choose / Free to wait tables and shine shoes / Everywhere grime in America / Organized crime in America / Terrible time in America / You forget I'm in America / I think I go back to San Juan / I know a boat you can get on / Everyone there will give big cheer / Everyone there will have moved here

Reviews from users

West Side Story America video song reviews from users:

Rating 5  Rita Bernstein
Filmed on-location on West 61st Street, West Side Story (1961) is the only film to win a Best Director Oscar for two directors (Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins).

Rating 5  Stephen George
Rita Moreno, as Anita, delivers what was probably her best performance in the movies, in particular her dancing and singing in "America" while Russ Tamblyn, as Riff, the charismatic leader of the Jets, is seldom given the credit he deserved.

Rating 5  Moreno Anita
In 1998, the American Film Institute ranked this as the #41 Greatest Movie of All Time. Rita Moreno sang "America" herself.

Rating 5  Chakiris Bernardo
West Side Story (1961) directed by Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, screenplay by Ernest Lehman, book of musical play by Arthur Laurents, with Natalie Wood as Maria, Richard Beymer as Tony, Russ Tamblyn as Riff, Rita Moreno as Anita, George Chakiris as Bernardo, Simon Oakland as Schrank, Ned Glass as Doc, William Bramley as Krupke, Tucker Smith as Ice, Tony Mordente as Action, David Winters as A-rab, Eliot Feld as Baby John, Bert Michaels as Snowboy, David Bean as Tiger, Robert Banas as Joyboy