Xanadu Don't Walk Away video song

performed by Electric Light Orchestra, words and music by Jeff Lynne
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Don't Walk Away lyrics

 Why do I say, don't walk away,
 You'll be the way you were before, 
 When you don't want me anymore.
 Don't turn around, don't ever leave, 
 A lonely room where empty days
 Are gathering to meet me
 When you're gone, gone
 How in the world will I go on
 (Don't walk away) All you gotta do is stay
 (Don't walk away) All you gotta do is stay 
 Don't walk away (don't walk away), 
 Don't say goodbye (don't say goodbye)
 Don't turn around (don't turn around), 
 Don't let it die (don't let it die)
 When shadows fall (when shadows fall), 
 When day is done (when day is done)
 All through the night (all through the night), 
 All of my life (all of my life)

 (Don't walk away) Don't walk away
 Is it a dream, when will it end
 When everything we've ever known
 has ended and I'm all alone
 Where will I go, where will I be,
 the feelings that I've never shown
 Maybe I'll find the answer
 when you're gone, gone
 How in the world will I go on
 (Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay
 (Don't walk away) all you gotta do is stay 

Reviews from users

Rating 5  Light Lynne
The mural depicted in the film never existed. Rather, it was a digital image superimposed over one of the shops in an alleyway on Dudley Avenue and Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica, California during post-production. Famously received the one sentence review: "In a word, Xana-don't".

Rating 5  Jeff Elo
"Don't Walk Away" features scenes nearly identical to portions of Thumbelina (1994), namely a shot of a small girl walking behind a leaf. Both were directed by Don Bluth.

Rating 5  Swalk Caway
When Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly) in the movie jokes that "they used to have wrestling here" he was actually making a true statement as the the Pan Pacific Auditorium used to stage wrestling matches. There were 60 Xanadu Dancers, for the Xanadu Roller Disco scene.

Rating 5  Olivia Xanadu
After Kira has told Sonny that she is one of the Greek muses, she starts to say, "My real name is Terp - ", but Sonny shushes her, and we never get to hear her real name. However, since she is there to help him open a dance club and she is obviously a dancer herself, it is likely that she was about to say that her name was Terpsichore, since Terpsichore was the Greek muse of dance.

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