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The Fox and the Hound | 3

Quotes COOPER: Boy, you've really grown. TOD: You have too, Copper. I saw you comin' back with Chief and the hunter. COOPER: It's great to see ya, Tod. But, you know, you. You shouldn't be over here. You're gonna get us both into a lot of trouble. TOD: Hey, look, l I just wanted to see ya. We're. We're still friends, aren't we? COOPER: Tod, those days are over. I'm a huntin' dog now. You'd better get outta here before old Chief wakes up. TOD: Chief. He doesn't worry me. COOPER: Tod, I'm serious. You're. You're fair game as far as he's concerned. ALMOS SLADE: It's that fox again! WIDOW TWEED: Oh, no! No! They're after Tod!
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ALMOS SLADE: After him, boys! Go get him! Copper! Copper! Copper! COOPER: Tod, I don't wanna see you get killed. AMOS SLADE: Track him down, boy! COOPER: I'll let you go this one time. AMOS SLADE: Don't lose him! There they are! Old Chief's got him on the run! Jump, Chief! Jump! Chief! COOPER: Chief? Oh, no! No! Tod, if it's the last thing I do, I'll. I'll get you for this! WIDOW TWEED: Tod! Tod? Tod! Oh, Tod! Thank heaven you're safe. COOPER: Oh, poor Chief. And it's all my fault. I shouldn't have let Tod go. DINKY: Big Mama! Wake up! Wake up! There's trouble! WIDOW TWEED: Tod! Well, what is it? What on earth? AMOS SLADE: Widow, get out here! WIDOW TWEED: Why, Amos! What are you...? AMOS SLADE: Where is he? Where is he? I know he's in there. WIDOW TWEED: Now just a minute. You can't come bargin' onto my property, Amos Slade! AMOS SLADE: That fox of yours almost killed Chief, and I'm gonna get him! You can't keep him locked up forever! BADGER: Hold it, sonny! Back off! Consarn it! Where? Where do you think you're goin'? TOD: Oh, excuse me, I... I was just trying to... PORCUPINE: You barge in on somebody's house like you own it. BADGER: Tarryhootin' around them woods, wakin' up folks in the middle of the night. TOD: I honestly didn't know anybody lived here, and I... BADGER: Well, you know it now. Now get off my property! Go on! Beat it! PORCUPINE: I've been watching you, sir. You can stay with me if you want to. TOD: That's very nice of you. PORCUPINE: Come with me. ALMOS SLADE: She dropped that fox off at the game preserve. We'll get him. We'll get him. CHIEF: Well, now, if you gotta have a busted leg, this is the way to do it. Good food, soft pillow, warm stove. Sure beats sleepin' in that barrel. Well, now, here comes visitors to see the invalid. How do you like that? They didn't even ask how I'm feelin'. AMOS SLADE: Chief, get back in there before I break your other leg. Copper, Copper, lookit here. Now, when that fox comes traipsin' along, suspectin' nothin'. BIG MAMA: Tod? Tod? Oh, boy. These old wings ain't what they used to be. Big Mama, you better lose a few pounds. There he is, there he is. Tod! Tod! VIXEY: Oh, hi, Big Mama. BIG MAMA: Oh, it's you, Vixey. VIXIEY: Hey, what brings you way out here? BIG MAMA: I'm lookin' for a fox named Tod. He's new here in the forest. VIXEY: Oh, new? Well, what does he look like? BIG MAMA: Oh, he's young. About your age. And handsome. VIXEY: Handsome? Oh, say. Gee, he sure sounds nice. I'm not doing anything. I'll help you find him. BIG MAMA: Come on. He's gotta be around here somewhere. TOD: Wha...? What happened? Where am I? BADGER: So, it's you again? You barged in on me last night, and now you. TOD: I didn't mean to. BADGER: Just look at the mess you made. Dagnabit, you clumsy bonehead! TOD: I'm sorry. It was an accident. BADGER: Excuses, excuses. PORCUPINE: Mr Digger, sir? It was so too an accident. BADGER: You keep out of this, you walkin' pincushion. PORCUPINE: You shouldn't be so grumpy to someone who's new in the neighbourhood. BADGER: A stranger? Why don't you go back where you came from? TOD: Wha...? BADGER: Well, go on. Get goin'. VIXEY: Git! Gosh, he seems so... I don't know, so downhearted, Big Mama. BIG MAMA: Well, you can't blame him, honey. He was dropped out here and left all alone without a friend in the world. VIXEY: Well, maybe there's something I could do. You know, cheer him up. BIG MAMA: Honey, you just said the magic words. VIXEY: Now... What? But Big Mama, I don't... BIG MAMA: Darlin', don't move. You look beautiful. VIXEY: Thank you. BIG MAMA: Mornin', Tod. TOD: Hello, Big Mama. BIG MAMA: Last night was pretty miserable for you, wasn't it, honey? TOD: Just terrible. BIG MAMA: Cheer up and look around. The forest is beautiful this morning. TOD: After last night, nothin' looks beautiful. Wow! Who...? Who is that? BIG MAMA: Oh, just another fox. A lady fox. TOD: Golly! Is she beautiful! I wonder what her name is. BIG MAMA: Well, why don't you go ask her? Yeah. TOD: Yeah, guess. Guess I will. I'll go up to her and I'll say, You're the most gorgeous. The most beautiful. Never seen anyone, anywhere. I'll say. Hi. VIXEY: Hello. Big Mama told me, you know. I just happened to be. TOD: May I call you by your first name? VIXEY: Oh, sure. Why not? TOD: Thanks, but tha.? What is your first name? VIXEY: Vixey. TOD: Vixey. My name is Tod. VIXEY: Tod? That's a. That's a nice name, Tod. BOOMER: It looks like that farm boy is makin' it big with her. BIG MAMA: Now just keep it down. VIXEY: Well, Tod, you know something? This stream is just full of trout. Do you think you could catch one? TOD: One what? VIXEY: One what? Fish, silly! TOD: Oh, oh, yeah! Oh, yeah. My dear young lady you happen to be looking at an expert fisher fox. BIG MAMA: Oh, Tod, Tod. Don't overdo it. TOD: I know all the tricks. In fact, I never miss. BIG MAMA: Please let him catch a fish. TOD: Here comes a whopper! Now, watch closely.
The Fox and the Hound (1981)
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