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Belles on Ice

watch a segment of Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas movie made by Disney Toon Studios in 2004
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a story written by Bill Motz, Bob Roth and Peggy Holmes where two best friends were fighting the show was a flop but when they danced together, they came out on top. Movie transcript with snapshot pictures MINNIE: What beautiful skaters. MICKEY MOUSE: Ah, Minnie, you're not nervous, are you? MINNIE: A little. Does it show? MICKEY MOUSE: Aw, no. You're going to be great. MINNIE: Spin, spin, land, and... Oh, it's Daisy!. DAISY: Come on, Donald, hurry up, before the ice meltshurry up, before the ice melts. MICKEY MOUSE: Looks like she's got something big planned for her routine. DAISY: Careful, Donald! Props go there. Minnie! What do you think? I made it myself. MINNIE: Daisy, it's perfect. DAISY: Well, break a leg. Theater talk, honey. Good luck. MINNIE: You, too, Daisy. MICKEY MOUSE: Better get readyMICKEY MOUSE: Better get ready. ANNOUNCER: Let's give these fine competitors a nice hand. Next up, a real treat from our own little hometown darling. MINNIE: That's me! DAISY: That's me! ANNOUNCER: In her debut skating performance, sure to be a show stopper, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Minnie Mouseladies and gentlemen, Miss Minnie Mouse! DONALD DUCK: I don't think anyone no... CHORUS: Ding, dong! / Ding, dong! / Ding, dong! / Ding, dong! ANNOUNCER: Fantastic! Yeah! DAISY: Do something! MINNIE: Keep going! Let's hit it! Quack, quack. DAISY: Squeak, squeak. Launch! Now, that is style. MINNIE: How could you do this to me? DAISY: How could you do this to me? MINNIE: Bell headMINNIE: Bell head! DONALD DUCK: What? MINNIE: Hippo huggerHippo hugger! DAISY: Gator skaterDAISY: Gator skater! MINNIE: Prima donna! DAISY: Goody-goody! MINNIE: Copycat! DAISY: Dirty rat! Let me at her! MINNIE: You're just jealous! DAISY: Oh, no! MINNIE: Let go of me! Let go of me! DAISY: Give up?
MINNIE: Never.
DAISY: Touch your toes, girls.
MINNIE: Hoist 'em up!
DAISY: Are you OK?
MINNIE: I think so.
DAISY: What was I thinking?
MINNIE: What were we thinking?
DAISY: I'm sorry. Friends?
MINNIE: Best friends. Finale?
DAISY: Grand finale!
DAISY: Merry Christmas.
MINNIE: Merry Christmas.
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